Engineered Timber Flooring is a layer of natural timber (European Oak) adhered to a plywood substrate. This is the most popular type of timber flooring installed around the world, and when you choose Engineered Timber Flooring over more traditional hardwood floors, there are numerous benefits.


An Oak floor provides a perfect surface to coat and colour. This is because most colours, textures, and styles take well to Oak – which is why it is sometimes referred to as the ideal blank canvas. This versatility allows us to create a bespoke timber floor for you that looks and feels exactly how you want it.​

We pre-finish your flooring at our coating facility in Hobsonville.



Overall Thickness – 15mm
Lamella Thickness – 4mm
Board Width – 190mm
Board Length – 1900mm (up to 25% nested lengths)
Profile – Tongue & Groove
Surface Texture – Lightly brushed
Edge – Microbevel 4 sides
Grade – Prime or Feature


Overall Thickness – 15mm
Lamella Thickness – 4mm
Board Width – 220mm
Board Length – 2200mm (up to 25% nested lengths)
Profile – Tongue & Groove
Surface Texture – Lightly brushed
Edge – Microbevel 4 sides
Grade – Prime or Feature


Overall Thickness – 14mm
Lamella Thickness – 3mm
Board Width – 220mm
Board Length – 2200mm (up to 25% nested lengths)
Profile – 5G Clic
Surface Texture – Lightly brushed
Edge – Microbevel 4 sides
Grade – Feature


Overall Thickness – 15mm
Lamella Thickness – 4mm
Board Width – 240mm
Board Length – 2200mm (up to 25% nested lengths)
Profile – Tongue & Groove
Surface Texture – Variable Bandsawn
Edge – Microbevel 4 sides
Grade – Rustic

20mm Engineered European Oak

Overall Thickness – 20mm
Lamella Thickness – 6mm
Board Width – 220mm
Board Length – 2200mm (up to 25% nested lengths)
Profile – Tongue & Groove
Surface Texture – Lightly brushed
Edge – Microbevel 4 sides
Grade – Prime or Feature


Surface Texture

There is nothing like the feeling of walking on real wood – and that is precisely the feeling you get when you are walking on a Bespoke Floor. Our standard timber offering comes lightly brushed, which helps to accentuate the beauty of the timber and grain. We can add additional texture by applying a medium or heavy brushed layer onto the surface prior to coating, and a heavily brushed floor creates a more rustic appearance. This process involves using a variety of wire and plastic brushes that remove the timber’s soft grain resulting in a more 3-dimensional appearance.

Light Brush

Medium Brush

Heavy Brush

Variable bANDSAWN


What is the best grade to choose? Prime, Country, Rustic, or Feature? Answer? All of the above!

Grade does not determine the quality of the timber floor but rather speaks to its appearance and the size and quantity of the knots present. Oak trees are a slow-growing hardwood, and when the tree is milled into logs, the knots you see in your flooring indicate where the branches grew out from the trunk. Prime grade timber has very few or minor knots as it’s taken from the tree’s centre. The cost is higher because you can only use a tiny portion of each tree for Prime grade.

At Bespoke, we work with 3 grades of flooring:


This is the most common grade we use. As the name suggests, you see elements of the tree throughout the board, including the knots and different grain textures.


A clean grade of timber where there are a minimal number of smaller knots.


This is available in our variable bandsawn board. Rustic is similar to Feature, but with some larger knots and filled cracks.

Lamella Thickeness

The “Lamella” is the term for the layer of Oak on the ply substrate.

The top layer (known as the lamella) is a layer of European Oak; the Lamella ranges from 3-6mm in thickness on the Bespoke range of Engineered Timber. Choosing Engineered Flooring is a great way to avoid movement in a solid timber floor. This ply substrate is multiple layers of ply bonded together in opposing directions to add to the stability of the engineered product. This is a durable and cost-effective solution that is low maintenance and aesthetically pleasing. We can tailor your Engineered Flooring to match your interior flooring vision, providing tone options to suit every style.


Bespoke Timber provides high-grade engineered Oak flooring built to withstand the test of time – even in high traffic areas. This flooring solution is easy to install and can be custom-crafted to complement your colour scheme. The engineered boards themselves are constructed tough, and the finished product ranges from 14-20mm. This is similar to the solid wood alternative, which comes in at a top width of 6mm. The clever layering and the Oak top ensure that your Engineered Flooring is made to last. These floors will endure 4-5 sands across their lifespan – how many people do you know that have sanded their floors that many times?


Depending on the profile selected, our Engineered Timber Flooring can be installed as either a floating floor (3mm locking profile) or a full glue-down method (4 and 6mm tongue & groove profiles or 3mm locking profile). When you choose the thickness of your flooring you want to account for the desired acoustic impact and the installation method. Our 14mm product is the only timber that can be ‘floated’, whereas we recommend glueing all of our tongue and groove profiles to the subfloor.

Whatever you choose your subfloor will need to be well prepared with little height deviations. You installer will guide you through this and provide solutions if it needs a bit of work. Sound travels further on a slimmer install, so keep that in mind when selecting your Engineered Timber Flooring.


Because Oak is slow-growing, we can reduce the amount we use by showcasing the real Oak on the top, thick wear layer – instead of creating a solid timber floor – half of which will never be seen. There are layers of faster-growing ply substrate underneath the Oak timber flooring, adding strength and durability to the top layer. This use of layers helps ensure the finished product is a far more sustainable option than solid timber flooring. At Bespoke Timber, we reduce our impact on our environment and we give the Oak a chance to grow.

Ready to start your timber project?



You can finish your stairs, flooring or walls with any number of colours and quality coatings, for a durable and natural-looking finish which provides stunning results and lasting protection.


All of our engineered flooring is generally made from European Oak. It is great for displaying the natural variations in colour, pattern and for a variety of finish options, it’s hardwearing and versatile.


We use a multilayer ply on our engineered timber for maximum stability – and to enable wider planks to be used than traditional solid timber floors. 


Your stair nosing and finishing trims complete the final look of your timber flooring, stairs or accessories. Each profile is synonymous with modern, contemporary or period finishes.

Anything is possible, however, instead of starting from scratch, there is possibly a perfect colour in one of our carefully curated ranges.

These ranges are still custom made to order, so your floor will be unique.

We update our ranges regularly to keep up with current market trends.

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