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Completing your home comes down to the little details. Skirtings, timber stairs and stair nosing to match your wood flooring gives your property that finishing touch that addresses the details to round out your overall look. 

Create coherence and effortless style with the matching materials and colours, giving your room a more spacious feel that isn’t interrupted by disjointed mismatched woods.


We manufacture stairnosing and accessories out of the same timber flooring being used across the whole project to provide a seamless look and sophisticated finishing touches. This is unique to our company’s methodology. We manufacture these extra touches from timber ends we have in stock from previous work, or the customer may choose to supply the matching timber themselves.

Rakeback stairnosing

Our Rakeback Stairnosing is designed to meet all your slope back stair styles with style and simplicity. Match your floors and finish your rise and run with elegant detailing.

Bespoke Timber provides custom made Rakeback Stairnosings which we manufacture specifically to fit your tread and exact specifications to complement your existing timber choices. Whether you are working with a high traffic commercial space, or a family home, if the front face of your tred angles back then our Rakeback Stairnosing will ensure a tight finish to your stairway that will get noticed.

Don’t just walk upstairs, elevate your space. For contemporary styling with clever built-in design features choose Bespoke Timber Rakeback Stairnosing. Bespoke Timber can also manufacture commercial inserts on request for that extra finishing touch that speaks to the highest quality.

stairnosing with return

Return Stairnosings are the perfect option for a large flight of stairs where the underside of the tread can be seen from below as a key part of your aesthetic. These also look great as a bullnose alternative.

Bespoke Timber matches your flooring with stairnosing designed to increase your tread length, and finish your staircase with details that add elegance and distinction. Return Stairnosing provides smart geometry that conceals imperfections and builds secure footing as you walk – a visually appealing choice from any viewpoint.

waterfall stairnosing

Waterfall Stairnosing finishes your stairs with an artistic flourish. Custom cut to match your stairway style, Waterfall Stairnosing is a glamorous choice made to match the full board width.

Choose Waterfall Stairnosing to give your stairs a sleek, elongated look, as though the timber seamlessly flows up the stairs without the interruption of a distinctive traditional nosing. Waterfall Stairnosing provides you with a sophisticated contemporary finish.

standard stairnosing

Standard Stairnosing is a simple way to add an extra element of style to your staircase while creating a more polished look, at Bespoke Timber we match your Standard Stairnosing to your floor choices for a seamless finish.

Standard Stairnosings are fitted to your stair to enhance performance stability and to add coherence to the overall finish of your home or commercial space. Our Standard Stairnosing is the most common option manufactured, with a 90-degree angle that fits snugly against your steps. This option includes a small aris on the top and bottom edges, and Bespoke Timber can colour match these to suit your decor. With Standard Stairnosing you can also order customised dimensions for the top and front face to ensure a stylish design finish.

edge cap

This profile comes in handy regularly, sometimes you just need that finishing touch around an open balustrade where you don’t want to see the engineered timber, defining an edge between levels and many other situations.

stairnosing WITH INSERT

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