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Cleaning & Maintenance Instructions

An oiled floor can be gently vacuumed or treated with a dry mop. It is never a good idea to wet mop your oiled floor. An essential part of taking care of your oiled floor is to ensure you use the correct cleaning product. This will nourish your floor every time you clean – you don’t need to oil it regularly.

Regular Cleaning

When you have a hardwax oiled timber floor you must invest in a spray mop if you want to ensure you are taking optimum care of the surface. One of the best ways to protect your gorgeous oiled floor is to treat it regularly with Ciranova Flooring Soap. This product is purpose made for the job and is gentle enough to ensure you don’t damage your oiled timber flooring. 

Mix half a capful per 1 litre of water in the bottle of your spray mop, then pop the microfibre pad onto the mop, now use your trigger handle to lightly spray the floor, moving the mop with the grain.

Make sure you always start with a clean microfibre cloth on the mop head, and if you have a large floor area, swap it out for a clean one halfway through.

At Bespoke Timber we recommend Ciranova Flooring Soap as it actually nourishes the wood every time you use it – and it only contains natural ingredients.

Intensive Cleaning

We recommend this process be undertaken approx every 1-3 years, if you have a floor that gets a lot of traffic you may need to do this more frequently.

Over time your hardwax oiled timber flooring becomes dry and thirsty, the residue of your regular cleaning, and the dirt that gets missed, become part of the patina of the floor. This is when we recommend you use Ciranova Intensive Cleaner for a deep clean that will have your floor looking gorgeous again in no time.

Sweep or vacuum your floor, then mix the Ciranova Intensive Cleaner 1:20 in your spray mop, if it’s particularly dirty and dull, use it at 1:15 parts. 

Mop the floor with the solution, if there is a residue remaining, run your microfibre pad across again with a light spray of water, this should finish the job smoothly.

In between intensive cleans you can use a little Ciranova Intensive Cleaner on a microfibre cloth to shift spots or stains that won’t shift with your regular flooring soap.

After the floor is completely dry, it’s time to use the Ciranova Maintenance Oil to ‘feed’ your hardwax oiled timber floor.

Maintenance Oil

The final step in your intensive cleaning is to apply the Ciranova Maintenance Oil, it’s very important that your floor is properly cleaned first – as per the steps above.

Ensuring that your timber floor is completely dry, you can now apply the oil. This is best done with a buffing machine using a white pad, however, you may also use a lint free cloth. 

The oil needs to be applied thinly and evenly – give yourself some time to do this properly.

Please read the full specification sheet that comes with your Ciranove Maintenance Oil to ensure you get an optimum finish on your oiled timber floor.

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