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Caring for your timber floor

You have chosen to enhance your home with a gorgeous timber floor, so let’s walk you through a few simple tips and tricks to keep it looking its best. Using the correct products and methods to clean and maintain your timber floor will ensure you get to enjoy it for many years to come.

Preventative Maintenance

Addressing maintenance preventatively will help avoid costly fixes down the line, here are a few tips to get you started.

  • Start before you walk in the door. Using a quality doormat outside will reduce the amount of dirt and dust that makes it through the front door.
  • Use a soft broom or the correct setting on your vacuum cleaner, this will prevent you from scratching the timber flooring while you are cleaning it.
  • Clear dust and dirt frequently – a lot of damage to wooden floors is caused by feet grinding debris into the floor.
  • Ensure your pet’s claws are trimmed regularly, – your furniture will thank you for this too!
  • Use felt protectors under all your furniture feet, be especially careful when moving items around.
  • Institute a ‘shoes off’ policy – this is a real game-changer for your timber floors. If this doesn’t fly, you should at least have a ‘no-heels’ policy.

Cleaning your timber floor

Proper cleaning processes are key to maintaining the charm of your timber flooring, here are some expert tips.

  • Begin by vacuuming on the hard floor setting, or using a soft broom or Swiffer. The trick is to get most of the dust and dirt up before you mop.
  • Using a Bona Premium spray mop with microfibre pad clean your floor as required. Simply spray and wipe floor clean. The solution is made for your floors. It works perfectly and it’s suitably gentle.
  • DO NOT wet mop your timber flooring, always clean up wet spills immediately, and don’t leave a damp mop or cloth sitting on your floor.
  • NEVER use a steam mop, the combination of heat and moisture spells disaster for your coating, and will definitely damage the timber.
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