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Bespoke Timber Coatings are a New Zealand manufacturer and supplier of high-quality, sustainable timber flooring and wall cladding products. Conceived by directors, Karen and Matt, they brought their considerable experience and passion for timber flooring and coating to the table to create a Kiwi company we could be truly proud of.

Our team has put in the hard yards, toughed it out and created a thriving business because it is what we love to do, and love to continually improve and create innovations for. Bespoke was born after identifying a lack of diversity when opting for a prefinished timber floor. We have the ability to finish in an unrivalled range of coatings, while still allowing all the benefits of installing a pre-finished system.

Before Bespoke, you had two options: purchase a prefinished timber floor from a preselected range of colours through a supplier or have your floor sanded and coated on site. We happily bridge that gap, offering all the benefits of a prefinished timber floor such as the products being fully cured, dust-free and a faster installation, while still being able to offer an unlimited range of colours that can be achieved on-site. This sets Bespoke Timber apart from its competitors, and the results are beautiful.

​Situated in Hobsonville, Auckland and supplying timber to both the retail and trade sectors, we pride ourselves on our reputation for quality products and excellent technical expertise. As such, we are happy to advise you on every step of your flooring or interior projects.


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