Colour Lab

We take your colour from brainstorm to brush

Welcome to the Colour Lab

Timber colour is everything; it sets the tone, feel and overall story your property wants to tell. As such, it is probably one of the most important decisions you’re going to have to make about your project – and it’s our pleasure to make it simple and satisfying for you, and dare we say it – a bit fun!

How the Bespoke colour lab process works

STEP - 1

Let’s talk colours

Contact us to book a time to come into our facility, sit down with our experts and talk about your project. Bring ideas about what you want your overall colour scheme to be, and if there are any examples of pictures or samples that you love – bring them along!

We’ll then discuss colour and material options for your project to obtain the look you’re after to match your timeframe and budget.

STEP - 2

Samples especially for you

Once you’re happy with the suggestions we’ve discussed, we go away and create your very own sample or set of samples with the selected colourings and finishes on real timber.

This means you will hold a sample of the finished product in your hand, and that makes it a lot easier to decide. This will take 3-7 days depending on the process.

STEP - 3

The ordering phase

If you are confident with your colour choice, it’s time to make an agreement on the product you need to be created in the timeframe you need it.

If you have been working with a retailer or floor installer we will liase with them regarding delivery timeframes, otherwise we can put you in contact with one of many of our experienced industry partners to arrange supply and installation of your new floor.

STEP - 4

Making it perfect

We’ve decided on the timber, the finishes and the colouring, now we’re getting down to making it happen for you. During this process, your materials will be set aside and reserved for you – so nothing about your order availability will change.

We can provide further colour sampling as we fine-tune your selection to create the best quality product you’re going to love working with. We don’t start making it until you are 100% satisfied with the final sample and are absolutely sure this is the colour direction you want to go with.

STEP - 5

The custom work begins

From here on out, we get down to the hard craft to create your beautifully bespoke timber flooring, cladding or accessories.
STEP - 6

Ready for installation

When your flooring is complete, it will be expertly packaged for safekeeping and delivery. Once you’re received your bespoke order, it is ready to be installed.

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