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This collection embodies an adventurous spirit that dares to dream. Sofia is inspired by taming the tempest of the sea, riding the waves and harnessing the wind. Bring vibrance, artistry, and a lightness of spirit to your flooring, and elevate your rooms with a powerful ambience that speaks to endurance.

The Sofia Collection is inspired by the resilient feminine, by the will to dance and by the drive to succeed. This collection provides a resilient base for your residential or commercial space, combining artistic flair with a solid construction ethos that evokes dynamic vistas.
Bespoke Timber works with every client to provide an evocative flooring solution that addresses the practical and the poetic.



This collection speaks to sophisticated heritage blended with European styling. Lending an air of elegance to every room, Benedicte combines sleek styling with simplicity, where pared-back textures meet understated elegance to create a special light.

Each floor created from the Benedicte Collection adds organic authenticity that speaks to coherence and understated class. A quiet resilience is always present when you choose from the Benedicte Collection, and the Bespoke Timber approach ensures that your home or office flooring embodies contemporary mores that borrow from the timeless classicism in ways that blend endurance and style.



The Imogen Collection is a choice for the lighthearted, carrying a touch of magic across your floor in creative ways that speaks in soothing tones to the warmth of hazy summer afternoons. Bring the soul of the softest sand into your spaces with a serenity that lifts your room with dapples of light.

Creative nuance is built into The Imogen Collection, and this Bespoke Timber Flooring will lend an ascended quality to every room. Touching on the joy of togetherness, a calm twilight on the sea, and the salt that makes your skin sing as you slip into a warm ocean, this particular collection brings the best of nature to your floor. For a subtle enjoyment tinged with the sweet sound of soft faraway laughter choose The Imogen Collection.

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